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Coronavirus disease COVID-19

Current information, instructions and entry restrictions are available on the Coronavirus disease COVID-19 website

The Health Care Digitisation Directorate carries out tasks related to the digitisation of the health care system. We create the conditions for accessible, efficient, high-quality and financially sustainable health care programmes.

We coordinate stakeholders who need informatics in healthcare (Public Health Institutions, National Institute of Public Health, Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, Ministry of Health). We manage and coordinate inter-ministerial coordination in the Directorate's area of work. We ensure the quality assurance of the information and communication technology processes and the information security management system processes. We are responsible for the management of the information security system and maintain the information system risk register. We prepare the strategic orientations for the development of digitisation in healthcare, and we are also responsible for and participate in the preparation of the legal bases in the Directorate's field of work and in the preparation of sector-specific legislation. We monitor and coordinate providers' risk management plans in crisis situations. We ensure continuous quality improvement, quality system implementation, risk management and monitoring of indicators at Directorate level. We decide on requests for access to public information. We prepare answers to questions from journalists, parliamentarians and in the area of personal data files. We also prepare development and other strategic documents. We are involved in administrative, systemic and public oversight. We cooperate and prepare positions and coordinate pre-judgemental and preliminary procedures of the European Union bodies in the Directorate's field of work. We manage or decide on the most complex administrative procedures in the Directorate's field of work.

Sectors of the Directorate