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The Strategic Studies and Analyses Service performs tasks and activities relating to the analytical consideration of foreign policy and the development of policies and strategies and cooperates with academic and other institutions.

It prepares analytical and strategic documents for the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs and provides regular analyses of topical international developments and in-depth, monthly analyses of world trends in international relations.

It prepares and holds substantive discussions on most topical foreign policy themes. It cooperates with the professional services of the Ministry in providing education and training for employees and additional training for Slovenian diplomats.

It draws up a regular annual report on the work of Slovenian diplomats and in relation thereto carries out a separate assessment of the operation of the Slovenian network of representations. In order to provide additional education and training to diplomats, the Department organises international meetings of experts from different fields of international cooperation and seminars in preparation for the diplomatic exam and higher-level diplomatic exam, and gives examinations. It organises seminars to prepare diplomats for work abroad. It is responsible for coordinating and organising special projects.

In its work, it cooperates with similar organisational units of foreign ministries responsible for foreign affairs and, within the limits of its capabilities, ensures the publication of professional literature in the areas of diplomacy, foreign policy, international relations and international law.