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The Directorate for Political Affairs is responsible for strengthening bilateral relations, ties and cooperation with the countries of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Southern Caucasus, and Oceania. Its responsibilities also include formulating the coordinated foreign and security policy of Slovenia.

It is responsible for furthering Slovenia’s interests within bilateral cooperation and with respect to current challenges in the international community. The Directorate is responsible for the preparation and inter-ministerial coordination of positions on key international issues, the presentation of Slovenia’s positions in the European Union, and the provision of support and advice to the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs at EU meetings relating to foreign and security policy. It directs the work of five departments to ensure the implementation of foreign policy objectives and provides support to the preparation of key foreign policy documents and strategies.


  • Europe and the Euro-Atlantic area

    Slovenia is part of the European Union, which is a valuable economic, developmental, political and legal environment, as well as the environment of the values it shares. A staunch supporter of EU enlargement, it maintains close and regular contacts with other EU Member States and is a reliable NATO member.

  • Neighbourhood

    As a Central European and Mediterranean country located at the intersection of three macro-regions – the Alps, the Adriatic and the Danube region – and of Western and Southeast Europe, Slovenia offers a wide range of possibilities for economic, political and cultural cooperation.

  • Other continents

    Slovenia maintains and strengthens economic and political relations with countries all over the world. It fosters ties with Slovenian communities around the world, which are a valuable connection enhancing Slovenia's relations with other countries. Slovenia supports the development of expat communities, including the emerging ones, while also focusing on repatriation. It actively engages in the preservation of the Slovenian expat heritage and protects citizens.

Departments of the Directorate