The Diplomatic Protocol provides support to the operation of the diplomatic and consular corps and diplomatic missions, international organisations and their missions and consular posts in Slovenia. It is responsible for official gifts and the corporate identity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Slovenia's diplomatic missions and consular posts abroad.

It organises official events hosted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, working visits by foreign ministers of other countries, and other events organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It monitors and examines international protocol practice and ceremonial rules of other countries and monitors all issues relating to the organisation of and the conditions for the operation of foreign representations and their personnel. It organises international conferences, bilateral political consultations and different receptions, lunches and other official events.

It is responsible for diplomatic correspondence (notes, notes verbales, circular notes, aide-mémoires, and official letters). It conducts procedures for the issuance of agréments to foreign ambassadors and is responsible for the presentation of letters of credence and copies of letters of credence by foreign ambassadors to Slovenia. It is also responsible for drawing up letters of credence and letters, consular commissions and exequaturs. It issues the "Diplomatic List".

It performs tasks related to diplomatic privileges and immunities. It ensures compliance with the provisions on immunities contained in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and reciprocity in the exercise of privileges. It keeps a record of members of foreign missions and their family members and issues diplomatic, consular and service ID cards.

It is responsible for the translation of documents from foreign languages (English, German, French and Italian) into Slovenian and vice versa. It also provides Slovenian and foreign language editing and consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services (English and French). It participates in the expert group for the verification of the Slovenian texts of international instruments to be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, and makes terminological glossaries for internal use. It provides certified copies of translations from Slovenian into English and German and vice versa.