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The Slovenian Language Service examines the linguistic situation in Slovenia and abroad, develops guidelines and programmes for language policy, and answers citizens’ questions concerning languages issues.

The Service cooperates with scientific, educational and other organisations, societies, individuals dealing with language issues, and comparable organisations from other countries.

It organises public discussions and consultations on topical language policy issues, monitors issues relating to the Slovenian national minority in neighbouring countries and the Slovenian diaspora, and finances research in the field of the Slovenian language.

The Service provides financial support for projects in its field of work and is responsible for the strengthening, promotion and development of the Slovenian language and the implementation of the national language policy programme.

It prepares and provides clarifications regarding the written standard Slovenian language and provides information on the possibilities for language training for adults and on the language rights of citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

It considers comments and complaints made by legal persons and citizens concerning the use of Slovenian as the official language and cooperates with the competent inspectorates in considering violations of regulations on language use.

It participates in the preparation of legislative proposals relating to the protection of the Slovenian language, drafts proposals for including language policy in national programmes and monitors such programmes in the part relating to the Slovenian language.