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Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
Mateja Čalušić

Mateja Čalušić, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Agriculture, obtained her degree from the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana. She has built her professional career in rural development and agriculture, which has allowed her to establish close ties and communicate with people. Her specialisation is crop protection. As a qualified specialist for pesticides and plant protection, she has shared her knowledge at various specialised agricultural shops.

She has also gained work experience in a family business dealing with construction work and the hospitality industry, broadening her skills with management, HR and organisational competencies. Recently, she oversaw a project connecting several young Istrian winemakers into a local supply chain. Her vision highlights Slovenia’s potential to become a more prominent green destination, which requires increasing investments in knowledge and innovations, creating vital and competitive rural areas, promoting short supply chains and local self-sufficiency and, above all, ensuring the efficient use of natural resources and the diversification of rural communities.

Upon entering parliament, she became Vice President of the National Assembly's Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Food, assuming an active role in several areas. As a deputy, she advocated the vitality and competitiveness of agriculture and the food industry, as well as shorter supply chains and local self-sufficiency. Care for the efficient use of natural resources and our cultural heritage and, at the same time, for the diversification of rural communities are her pledges to herself and all Slovenia’s residents.

Slovenia has the know-how and capacities to create higher added value, which, among other things, requires the development of businesses, particularly in rural areas.

Unity, coming together, mutual cooperation and optimism are the qualities that have inspired her in life and contributed to her decision to become a deputy. She believes that, as Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, she will continue to contribute to social development and greater welfare for all with her knowledge and experience.