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About the Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information

The Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information monitors the situation in the area of classification and protection of classified information. The Office proposes measures to improve the protection of classified information, leads the development and implementation of physical, organisational and technical standards for the protection of classified information by state authorities and organisations, coordinates the activities of the state authorities responsible for security clearance processes, draws up Government proposals for regulations governing classified information, provides opinions on the compliance of general acts to be issued by state authorities and organisations with the regulations governing the handling and protection of classified information, and performs other tasks associated with the regulations governing classified information.

The Office is further tasked with the implementation of international treaties and the meeting of international commitments concluded or undertaken by the Republic of Slovenia in accordance with its obligation to handle and protect classified information and cooperates in this area with the relevant authorities of foreign countries and international organisations, unless otherwise provided by the international treaty in question. 

To this end, it coordinates activities aimed at ensuring the security of national classified information abroad and foreign classified information in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.