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At the Water Management Office, we manage and organise sectors and divisions and direct them to an integrated way of working in the field of water management under the competence of the Water Directorate. This includes administrative, technical and other tasks in the field of water management and regulation. We work on procedures, programme work and other areas dealt with by the office in the field of water management, we cooperate with other bodies, especially concerning water issues, the preparation of laws and regulations in the field of water management, international relations in the field of water management in agreement with the ministry, and with the competent inspection services.

Within the Office, there are sectors constituting geographical branches of the Water Management Office, organised by catchment areas, river basins, and areas with the aim of providing for better knowledge and more efficient water management. The term ‘area sectors’ is used for the Upper Sava Sector, the Middle Sava Sector, the Lower Sava Sector, the Savinja Sector, the Drava Sector, the Mura Sector, the Soča Sector and the Adriatic Rivers Sector.

Water Management Office Sectors