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We perform professional, administrative and development tasks in the field of water management in accordance with the regulations governing water issues at the national level. The objective is to establish a water management system that enables integrated management: to use Slovenia's water capacity as a development opportunity, to take water capacity into account in spatial planning and to reduce the threat to the lives, health and property of the population. The system of integrated water management is organised and staffed at the national level and by river basins at the regional and local level. The directorate also provides opportunities for the efficient implementation of public services and investment management, as well as cooperation with experts and stakeholders.


Organisational units

Seznam pooblaščenih uradnih oseb za vodenje in odločanje v upravnem postopku

Direkcija RS za vode na podlagi 319. člena Zakona o splošnem upravnem postopku (Uradni list RS, št. 24/06 – uradno prečiščeno besedilo, 105/06 – ZUS-1, 126/07, 65/08, 8/10 in 82/13) objavlja seznam uradnih oseb pooblaščenih za odločanje o upravnih zadevah