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The Slovenian Maritime Administration performs administrative and expert tasks related to maritime transport and port infrastructure and maintains order in ports and in the rest of Slovenian territorial and internal sea waters. Moreover, it ensures  safety of navigation, controls maritime transport operations and the maintenance of navigation safety facilities and waterways, and supervises the implementation of regulations governing maritime transport and port infrastructure and regulations governing inland waterway transport.


Vision and goals

In compliance with international and EU requirements and on the basis of its own experience and that acquired through networking with counterparts (both foreign and national bodies), the Slovenian Maritime Administration works towards enhancing the safety, responsiveness, development and visibility of Slovenian maritime activity and strives to keep the maritime environment clean, protecting it for future generations.

The body provides for the maintenance of navigation safety facilities and the supervision of the implementation of navigation safety regulations and ensures the operation of the watch service and the service for monitoring and controlling maritime navigation, which will be further enhanced and consolidated in the future.

In addition, the Administration promotes the development of maritime and transport education and supports scientific and research work related to the sea and maritime activities. Supporting the development of the Port of Koper, the Administration carefully plans its activities with respect for the coastal areas and their natural and cultural heritage. All of these activities are carried out in cooperation with other line ministries and in partnership with other maritime stakeholders.