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The General Affairs Division's tasks are managing the procedures for entering changes in SIPO registers on granted and registered rights, deciding on the termination of rights and issuing certificates from SIPO registers and include:
  • conducting procedures of entry in the register of representatives,
  • conducting procedures for the entry of European patents in the patent register at SIPO,
  • managing the registration of lawsuits and judgments relating to industrial property rights,
  • keeping records of deposited general authorizations of representatives,
  • conducting procedures concerning the maintenance of industrial property rights,
  • recording, managing and verifying the correctness of payments of administrative and other fees for registration and the maintenance of industrial property rights,
  • performing the tasks of the mailroom, participating in the management, arranging and recording of documentary and other materials, their dispatch and ensuring security, including archiving of documentary materials, which SIPO must keep in accordance with regulations,
  • providing administrative assistance to the Copyright Board,
  • conducting administrative and technical tasks for the Conciliation Board.