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About the Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia

The Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (PPA) provides payment services to budget users, keeps a register of budget users and their sub-accounts and operates comprehensively as a single entry and exit point for the exchange of e-invoices with budget users.

It also offers support for making online payments for e-services provided by budget users, allocates general government revenues and offers support for treasury operations at central and local government levels.

For natural and legal persons, it provides services of cashless payments due to the central and local government. It sells tobacco tax stamps to excise licence holders and importers of tobacco products and supervises the return and destruction of damaged or unusable tobacco tax stamps.

All these activities are run by the PPA Office, eight regional units and their five units at a separate location. The regional and separate units perform operational tasks and provide services through direct cooperation with budget users and other users of PPA services.



In its work, the Public Payments Administration focuses directly on users and their needs. It is guided by a determination to provide all services reliably, with quality, legally, safely and for the benefit of the user, thus also implementing the Quality Policy of the Slovenian public administration.


Regional and separate units