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Through the Law on Police, which took effect on 18 July, 1998, the police service became a body within the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Slovenia.

Pursuant to the law, the police performs its tasks at three levels: the state, the regional and the local levels. Organisationally, it is composed of General Police Directorate, Police Directorates and Police Stations. The police headquarters are in Ljubljana.

The police has truly gained its independence, however, the Ministry will continue to define the developmental, organisational, personnel and other basic orientations for its work, take care of its financial management and investments as well as co-ordinate and harmonise the police information and telecommunication systems with the systems of other state bodies. The goal is a modern police organisation in line with European standards, able to efficiently respond to the challenges of modern life and ensure a high safety level.

The Police service is headed by the Director General of the Police, who also conducts the work of the General Police Directorate. The Director General of the Police and his deputies are discharged by the government of the Republic of Slovenia on the proposal of the Minister.