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Inspectorate for Protection against Natural and Other Disasters

Coronavirus disease COVID-19

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The Inspectorate for Protection against Natural and Other Disasters is a constituent body of the Ministry of Defence. It performs inspections in the fields of fire protection, civil protection and disaster relief and protection against drowning.

The Inspectorate participates in the formation of system-wide solutions for protection against natural and other disasters and conducts inspections. It prepares development projects, analyses, reports and other complex material on the fulfilment of goals and performance of functions set out in the work programme. It also monitors the work of inspectors and assists in the preparation of regulations. The Inspectorate performs functions related to financial and material management and those related to personnel affairs. It organises and carries out different forms of training and keeps various records. It also participates in the planning, development, introduction, control and provision of the operational functioning of the communications system.