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With a view to protect public health in Slovenia, the Health Inspectorate performs inspection on implementation of laws and other regulations covering the following areas:

  • healthcare, patients’ rights, medical service, mental health, transplantation of organs for the purpose of treatment and medical waste treatment,
  • infectious diseases and minimum sanitary health conditions,
  • alternative medicine,
  • bathing areas and bathing waters,
  • drinking water, facilities and devices for public drinking water supply,
  • safety on ski slopes,
  • general safety of products, cosmetic products and toys,
  • food contact materials,
  • the health suitability and safety of food supplements and foods for specific groups,
  • restriction on the use of alcohol and restriction on the use of tobacco and tobacco-related products,
  • illegal employment and work (service providers who are under the supervision of the Inspectorate).


Organisational units