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General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces

Coronavirus disease COVID-19

Current information and instructions are available on the Coronavirus disease COVID-19 website

  • On behalf of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF), the Defence Attaché of the Republic of Slovenia in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colonel Žarko Henigman, handed over protective equipment for coronavirus disease to the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Between 5 and 12 March, the 14th NATO and PfP NCO Winter Camp is taking place at Pokljuka.

  • Change of SAF contingents in Afghanistan soon to take place

    Members of the 12th Slovenian contingent of the Resolute Support Mission are concluding their six-month deployment in Afghanistan.
    Within the Train Advise Assist Command - West, they were in charge of human resources and planning tasks at Camp Arena in Herat. In addition, they underwent tactical procedures training, and conducted patrols and reconnaissance in the area of responsibility.
    Members of the 12th Slovenian contingent received special acknowledgements for their work, performance and esprit-de-corps showed in cooperation with members of other armed forces.


  • SAF member with a severe course of the COVID-19 disease evacuated from Lebanon

    In the early morning hours of 11 February, the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) delivered a member of the Slovenian UNIFIL contingent with a severe course of the COVID-19 disease from Lebanon to Slovenia. During the flight, the SAF member was accompanied by the SAF chief physician.
    The flight with the Falcon aircraft was smooth. After landing at Brnik airport, the Military Medical Unit ambulance transported the infected SAF member to the Dr Peter Držaj hospital in Ljubljana for further treatment. Two members of the SAF Veterinary Unit disinfected the aircraft all the equipment at the airport.
    The United Nations operation UNIFIL in Lebanon includes six members the Slovenian Armed Forces. The other five contingent members tested negative for coronavirus infection. They are healthy and continue to perform tasks in the area of operations in southern Lebanon.

  • SAF tank crewmembers to take part in the multinational exercise Combined Resolve XV

    On Friday, 5 February, members of the 45th Tracked Combat Vehicles Centre left for the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) in Germany.
    The multinational military exercise Combined Resolve XV will take place in Hohenfels and Grafenwoher until Wednesday, 3 March. It will include some 4,500 members from seven allied and partner armed forces. The Slovenian Armed Forces will participate with a tank platoon (four M-84 tanks) and the associated logistical support. The aim of the exercise is to upgrade the competence of the Slovenian Armed Forces armoured unit to operate across the spectrum of combat operations and to strengthen its international cooperation.
    In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, the participants were self-isolated for 14 days before traveling to the exercise venue, and all appropriate measures will also be apply in the training area.

  • The SAF has been taking part in the prevention of illegal migration for the past five years

    Based on the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, members of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) have been cooperating with the Police in the broad protection of the national border since 18 February 2016.
    Around 150 of SAF members are currently involved in the aforementioned tasks daily, and in almost five years, the SAF has assigned members to these tasks on 150,000 occasions. In addition to members working in mixed patrols with the Police, the SAF also provides independent observation posts, a helicopter, and drones to observe the border area, as well as engineers arranging patrol routes and maintaining temporary technical barriers.
    SAF members have been participating in the above-mentioned efforts based on the operations and tactical plan regulating the cooperation between the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Police in broad protection of the national border. Its purpose is to ensure the stability and national security of all inhabitants of Slovenia, and it determines the forms of work of police officers and soldiers in protecting the border and preventing illegal migration. In line with the basic guidelines from the operations and tactical plan, the protection of the national border is led, directed and supervised by the Police. Police procedures are conducted by police officers, while soldiers who take part in border-protection activities in accordance with military tactics, techniques and procedures, are commanded by military commanders.
    Based on the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the SAF has continuously been supporting the Ministry of the Interior in resolving the illegal-migration situation since 19 October 2015.

The General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces is a constituent body of the Ministry of Defence. It performs professional military functions related to the organisation, training and operation of defence forces. It provides professional military support to the President of the Republic of Slovenia, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia and the Minister of Defence and transforms political decisions into military decisions. It provides command support to the Chief of the General Staff along with technical scientific bases and resources necessary for the development and operation of the Slovenian Armed Forces and maintenance of the required level of readiness.

The Force Command of the Slovenian Armed Forces is directly subordinate to the General Staff. It issues orders for the commands and units of the Slovenian Armed Forces in Slovenia and abroad and provides host nation support.

The Slovenian Armed Forces constitute the defence forces of the Republic of Slovenia. They perform military defence independently or in cooperation with Allies based on international treaties. The defence of Slovenia is also ensured, in addition to the Armed Forces, by the non-military part of the defence system, which supports the functioning of the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Allies’ forces with its civilian capabilities and measures. The defence system of the State is activated as part of the response to a crisis, war or state of emergency. The most important functions of the Slovenian Armed Forces are the provision of readiness for military defence of the State, the fulfilment of obligations assumed by Slovenia in international organisations and through international treaties, and participation in protection, rescue and relief operations during natural and other disasters.