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The Chemicals Office carries out expert, administrative and development tasks and conducts inspections of the production and use of and trade in chemicals for industrial and general application. It monitors the trade in chemicals and their use and introduces measures to protect human health and the environment against their harmful effects.

It also follows the progress of science and technology with regard to the negative impacts on and risks to human health and environmental risk factors. It conducts procedures for the registration of biocidal products and participates in procedures for the registration of plant-protection products. The Office determines conditions for the use of cosmetic products and detergents. It monitors the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment with a view to reducing risks for human health and the environment due to inappropriate management of waste equipment. It monitors the degradation of chemicals and their traces in the environment and living organisms. It also takes action when it detects the production and use of and trade in substances that could be the precursors for the manufacture of chemical and biological weapons, illicit drugs and explosives, preventing their misuse or use for illicit purposes. The Office manages an extensive and complex set of national, EU and international regulations governing chemical risk management and actively participates as an equal partner in European policy groups operating in this area. It is involved in the most exacting chemical evaluation procedures of EU institutions, thus contributing its fair share to establishing and ensuring common chemical safety that cannot be ensured by any country on its own.


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