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Slovenia Weekly: A clear message

In its response to the enlargement report that the European Commission presented this week, Slovenia welcomes the 2023 enlargement package, which, for the first time, includes ten countries. According to the Slovenian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Tanja Fajon, with this package the EU has sent a clear message that it is serious about its enlargement to the Western Balkans as well as to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. "Slovenia is confident, and we have been saying this throughout, that Europe is going to be even more stable, secure and prosperous once the enlargement is completed," Fajon stated. She added that the EU's enlargement to the Western Balkans and the East is not only in the interest of the EU and the new member states, but also a geostrategic necessity.

The Slovenian Prime Minister expressed the same message of support while hosting the President of Montenegro, highlighting the fact that Slovenia strongly supports Montenegro's accession to the EU, just as it supported the country joining NATO in 2017.

Several events have taken place this past week in Slovenia. The Slovenian Government adopted Slovenia's first space strategy, which covers the period up to 2030 and defines the guidelines and activities to increase the competitiveness of the Slovenian space industry and for the country to assume a leading role in space areas where Slovenian stakeholders excel. In addition, at the space summit in Seville, Spain, Slovenia officially applied for full membership in the European Space Agency (ESA). Within the next year or so, the ESA authorities and working bodies will review Slovenia's readiness to become a full member. According to the Government, this would provide numerous benefits for Slovenia.

At its session the Government also adopted a draft amendment to the Restriction on the Use of Tobacco Products and Related Products Act. Among other things, the amendment imposes a ban on smoking rooms and all flavours in heated tobacco products other than tobacco flavour, and all flavours in electronic cigarettes other than tobacco and menthol.

We conclude this week's news with Martinmas and the accompanying celebrations. Winemakers, winegrowers and wine lovers in general are looking forward to this special day, which is coming up this weekend. This is an important time of year in the wine-growing regions, when must traditionally turns to wine and the ceremonial "christening" of the new wine takes place. Martinmas symbolically wraps up the winegrowers' efforts in the vineyards, and provides an opportunity for winegrowers and winemakers to present themselves along with their must and new wine. This is an important feast for everyone who makes their living from grapes and wine.

  • Flag of Europe.svg 1 (Flag of the EU)

    Response to the 2023 Enlargement Package

    8. 11. 2023

    On 8 November 2023, the European Commission adopted the 2023 Enlargement Package for the Western Balkans and Türkiye, and for the first time also for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. The package provides an assessment of the state of play by key areas where reform progress is needed in each country.
  • Crnogorc 1 (Presidents greet each other as they get out of the car)

    Prime Minister meets with President of Montenegro

    7. 11. 2023

    Prime Minister Robert Golob met with the President of Montenegro, Jakov Milatović, who was on a visit to Slovenia.
  • logo vesolje

    Government adopts first Slovenian Space Strategy

    3. 11. 2023

    At a correspondence session, the Government adopted Slovenia's first Space Strategy and the decision to apply for full membership of the European Space Agency.
  • IMG 20231106 WA0011 0 (a wall photo)

    Slovenia formally applies for full membership of the European Space Agency

    6. 11. 2023

    Today at the Space Summit in Seville, Spain, Slovenia presented a formal request for full membership of the European Space Agency (ESA). The request for membership, which follows the official decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia last Friday, was submitted today to the Director-General of ESA, Josef Aschbacher, by State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport, Matevž Frangež, and the head of the Slovenian Space Office, Tanja Permozer, on the margins of the ESA ministerial meeting.
  • 20231109 01288956 (Minister for Health Valentina Prevolnik Rupel at the press conference after the government meeting)

    79th regular session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    9. 11. 2023

    At today's meeting, the Government adopted a draft amendment to the Restriction on the Use of Tobacco Products and Related Products Act, which bans all attractive fruity, sweet and herbal flavours in electronic cigarettes, except for the taste or smell of tobacco or menthol. The draft amendment also introduces a ban on smoking rooms, that is, a complete ban on smoking in all enclosed public and work places.

  • Pariz 1 v2 (Prime Minister Robert Golob shakes hands with French President Emmanuel Macron)

    Prime Minister on the situation in the Middle East: A ceasefire is essential for civilian aid

    9. 11. 2023

    Prime Minister Robert Golob today attended the International Humanitarian Conference for the Civilian Population in Gaza, hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron. The key aim of the conference is to improve the coordination of international aid for Gaza and gather additional humanitarian funds for the affected civilian population.
  • Martinovo nazdravljanje

    St Martin's Day – looking forward to a new vintage of wine

    10. 11. 2023

    On 11 November, the feast day of St Martin, when the must becomes wine, Slovenia celebrates St Martin's Day – the most widespread celebration in Slovenia associated with wine and wine culture.