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Slovenia Weekly: A United Voice

At its meeting, the Government considered the Draft Amendment to the Act Determining Intervention Measures for Recovery from the Floods and Landslides and the Bill on Reconstruction and Development. Among the key solutions, Minister of Finance Klemen Boštjančič highlighted the abolition of the compulsory solidarity contribution. This will be partly offset by a temporary increase in corporate income tax.

The Prime Minister is attending the two-day October European Council meeting in Brussels, where talks on the first day were marked by the current situation in the Middle East. “Instead of deciding on how to call the cessation of hostilities, it is important to protect civilians on both sides, and we will insist on this,” the Slovenian Prime Minister said upon his arrival in Brussels. The Prime Minister said it was important for Europe to maintain a united voice on the conflict in the Middle East.

Unity is also at the heart of Slovenian independence. This week we celebrate Sovereignty Day marking one of the key events of independence, the departure of the last JNA soldier from Slovenia 32 years ago. “Let us celebrate this important day with pride and let us honour the memory of all those who fought for an independent state. Above all, let us remember that the true essence of independence lies in a nation’s historic unity and strength,” the Prime Minister announced.