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Slovenia Weekly: Uniform measures

Two months have passed since the catastrophic floods in Slovenia on 4 August. To date, the Government has provided €515.9 million to help people, municipalities and businesses. The reconstruction of the affected areas will be long and extremely complex as, according to the internationally recognised methodology of post-disaster needs assessment (PDNA), the total direct damage caused by the natural disaster and the consequences for the affected population, the economy and the environment are estimated at around €9.9 billion.

Since the very first day after the catastrophic floods, the Government has been implementing a series of measures at various levels. The main priority is to help the population. By speeding up reimbursements, the Government is also assisting municipalities. Many enterprises big and small were also affected. The Government’s assistance to enterprises is aimed at repairing the damage as quickly as possible and subsequently at retaining workers and getting business back on track.

Further support for Ukraine was expressed this week by Slovenian Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon, who attended the informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in in Kyiv. This is the first ever such meeting of all 27 Member States outside the EU or the first in history to be held in a non-EU country. The meeting sent a clear message of support for Ukraine and its courageous people, the Slovenian Foreign Minister said. In Granada, where Prime Minister Robert Golob is attending the third meeting of the European Political Community, the leaders also expressed their continued support for Ukraine. Slovenia will continue to support uniform measures against the Russian aggression, he said.