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Slovenia Weekly: Thinking about the future

The European Union celebrated its day on 9th May. In times when Europe is again facing war on its soil, the focus is on thoughts about the future of the EU. A commemoration took place in Strasbourg at the conclusion of the conference about the future of Europe, where a series of proposals was drafted for better facing new challenges. The conference started on 9th May last year, all EU citizens were invited to join the discussion and they were able to participate in the event in the framework of the conference or submit their proposals via a special online platform. 49 proposals were accepted with more than 300 measures in various areas, from health, the environment, decision-making in the EU, external operations of the Union, the economy, to the rule of law.

The last two crises, the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, have shown that the EU, after its 72 years of existence, needs changes. War on European soil has made it clear for Europeans that security cannot be taken for granted. The Russian attack on Ukraine mostly unified the EU member states, even though cracks have been showing in recent times in this unity, especially regarding the Russian oil and gas embargo.

Multiple events also took place in Slovenia on Europe Day in previous days, from concerts to discussions, and some are still planned to take place. Because the year 2022 is the year of the youth, many events which after two years of pandemic restrictions can be organised live, are dedicated to them.

  • F008956 koper jost gantar 9 orig jpg photo l (Sea view on town Koper)

    Government adopts the new seven-year Slovenian Tourism Strategy 2022 – 2028

    10. 5. 2022

    On the basis of the Promotion of Tourism Development Act, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the Slovenian Tourism Strategy 2022 – 2028, which represents the basic framework for the development of Slovenian tourism in the next seven years. The strategy responds to the new circumstances and challenges faced by the tourism industry, while developing and promoting the key benefits of Slovenian tourism and our country.
  • shutterstock 308297591 (Europe Day, which is celebrated on 9 May, is intended for celebrating peace and unity in Europe and the memory of the beginning of the establishment of the European Union as we know today)

    Quo vadis Europe?

    13. 5. 2022

    Europe Day is a day to celebrate peace and unity in Europe. The Council of Europe celebrates it on 5 May and the European Union on 9 May. A reflection on the future of the European Union was at the forefront of this year's Europe Day.
  • 20160618 092436 (Slovenian bee - Apis mellifera carnica)

    This year's World Bee Day specifically addresses young people

    6. 5. 2022

    In two weeks time, on 20 May, Slovenia and the rest of the world will celebrate World Bee Day for the fifth time. The UN General Assembly proclaimed World Bee Day on 20 December 2017. Since 2022 is the European Year of Youth, the main topic of this year's celebration are young people and beekeeping.