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Slovenia Weekly: The end and a new beginning

Slovenia, like the rest of Europe, is facing the current energy challenges. The Slovenian Government has adopted a package that will mitigate the impact of high energy prices. In the face of growing social hardship due to the impact of high energy prices, the Government has adopted a new law containing emergency measures to mitigate the impact on social protection, rights to public funds and taxes. The most vulnerable will receive a solidarity energy bonus of 150 euros, households will be exempted from paying network charges for electricity, and excise duties on electricity and motor fuel will be reduced to the lowest possible level.

"We are addressing both the problems of the people most affected by the steep rise in energy prices and of the economy in order to preserve the capacity of society and the welfare state and keep the economy strong. The approach is the same as that taken in the adoption of the packages of measures to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic. This experience has taught us that we need to act both symmetrically and asymmetrically, and we are repeating this approach, confident that it will be equally successful for the benefit of all, just as our response to the health crisis during the pandemic was," said Prime Minister Janša.

Toli, a sample of the Triglav Glacier, has come to the end of its journey, arriving at the venue of the upcoming XXIV Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. In the days to come, Toli is to make the most telling act – it will melt into glacial water in front of the global Olympic audience, thus symbolising the melting of the world’s glaciers. A total of 43 Slovenian athletes are waiting to compete at the biggest sporting event in the world.