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About the Permanent Representation to NATO Brussels

Permanent Representative

Political section

The Political Section is the civilian part of the Defence Department. It primarily comprises diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who inform Slovenia’s state authorities of the most important political issues of the Alliance. Based on guidelines from Slovenia, representatives of the Political Section actively participate in debates within various NATO structures and thus – together with the Allies – formulate the common policy of the Alliance.

Defence Department

The Defence Department is connected with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia and staffed by diplomats from the administrative section of the Ministry of Defence. Principal areas of activity include: defence policy and planning, nuclear policy and planning, projects for transforming the Allies’ capabilities, issues of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, management of resources and infrastructure, defence investment, consulting in the areas of command and control (particularly communication and information systems in the Alliance and its members), armament projects as part of the fight against terrorism, missile defence, cyber defence, crisis management system and civilian crisis management, intelligence-security activities in the area of defence within bodies of the Military Committee, cooperation within the Partnership for Peace programme in defence topics, particularly defence reform of candidate countries and other interested partner countries, and defence areas of cooperation within the NATO-Russia Council and NATO-Ukraine Commission.

Military Representation

The Military Representation supports Slovenia’s military interests in NATO military-political bodies; it also provides military advice for the Head of the Permanent Representation. The Military Representative represents the Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Army in current activities of the Military Committee. In terms of content, the Office of the National Military Representative within Allied Command Operations based in Mons also participates in the work of the Permanent Representation.