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The main Embassy's objective is to maintain and strengthen the friendly relationship between Slovenia and Australia, as well as other countries of accreditation, respectively by maintaining a continuous dialog with the representatives of the countries of accreditation.

One of our most important tasks is to provide all partner countries with information about Slovenia’s views and interests, and to regularly report on the current developments in Australia, as well as other countries of accreditation, respectively. The Embassy also plays an important role in promoting the co-operation in the areas of economy, tourism, culture and science.

The Embassy of Slovenia with the assistance of Consulates of Republic of Slovenia provides consular assistance to the Slovenian nationals in Australia and other countries of accreditation. There is a large Slovenian community in Australia. The Embassy maintains close ties with it and facilitates its cultural, educational and trade co-operation with the homeland. In this regard, the assistance provided by the Consulates in NSW, VIC, SA and QLD, besides Consulate in New Zealand, is very much appreciated.



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Other representations

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