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  • The European Commission adopted a decision to increase short stay Schengen visa (visa type C) fees worldwide by 12 per cent. The increase will apply worldwide as of 11 June 2024.

  • Today marks the fifth World Bee Day, declared by the UN General Assembly on Slovenia’s initiative on 20 December 2017. In this European Year of Youth, World Bee Day is dedicated to the future of beekeeping and the role of young people in raising awareness of its importance.

  • Slovenia is introducing the Passenger Locator Form for passengers travelling by airplane and ship on 16 August to facilitate contact tracing. Every passenger will be asked to fill out his or her own form, including passengers travelling together as a family or in a group. Passengers in transit, who will remain in the airport's transit area (unless they should decide to leave the airport area for whatever reason) and airplane or ship crewmembers will not be asked to fill out the form.


  • Beware of Red Passport and Slovenian citizenship scams

    Third-country nationals should exercise the utmost caution in all dealings with companies that claim to offer assistance in obtaining Slovenian citizenship or Slovenian passports. Many websites and e-mail scams attempt to mislead individuals into believing the companies are offering to expedite citizenship or passport applications or are acting on behalf of the Slovenian authorities.

  • Consultations of directors-general for European affairs between Slovenia and Switzerland

    The directors-general for European affairs of Slovenia and Switzerland, Ambassador Barbara Sušnik and Ambassador Pietro Piffaretti, held video consultations today.

  • Prime Minister’s bilateral meetings during the World Economic Forum in Davos

    During the World Economic Forum, Prime Minister Marjan Šarec attended a working lunch where a discussion on 'Generating Growth for Central and Eastern Europe' took place. The main emphases included the economic situations in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The discussion partners spoke about issues concerning necessary measures by governmental decision-makers and businesspeople directed at promoting sustainable development and the ability to adjust economies to new driving forces of growth that must be closely linked with the transition to a low-carbon society.