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Consulate General Szentgotthárd

  • The European Commission adopted a decision to increase short stay Schengen visa (visa type C) fees worldwide by 12 per cent. The increase will apply worldwide as of 11 June 2024.

  • The Minister of the Economy, Tourism, and Sports Matjaž Han, together with State Secretaries, mag. Dejan Židan and Vesna Humar from the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad, visited the Slovenian national community in the Porabje region in Hungary. He was briefed on the state of the economy in the Porabje region and presented the substantive and financial support of the Ministry of the Economy for the economic and tourism activities of Slovenians in the Porabje region. Within a month, the Ministry will publish two calls for tenders with a total value of EUR 1.168 million.

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Tanja Fajon met with representatives of the Slovenian national community in Hungary in Monošter. The meeting was attended by Erika Köleš-Kiss, the Slovenian national community’s advocate in the Hungarian Parliament, Karel Holec, President of the Slovenian Self-Governing Community, and Andrea Kovacs, President of the Union of Slovenians in Hungary.


More information is available in Slovene or Hungarian language.