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Minister Fajon welcomes solidarity and community activities at her meeting with representatives of Slovenians in the Porabje region

Minister of Foreign Affairs Tanja Fajon met with representatives of the Slovenian national community in Hungary in Monošter. The meeting was attended by Erika Köleš-Kiss, the Slovenian national community’s advocate in the Hungarian Parliament, Karel Holec, President of the Slovenian Self-Governing Community, and Andrea Kovacs, President of the Union of Slovenians in Hungary.

Representatives of the Slovenian community briefed the Minister on current issues concerning Slovenians living in Hungary. They highlighted the progress achieved in many areas in recent years and went on to describe the major challenges facing the community in the areas of education, promoting the use of the Slovene language and providing a perspective for the young generation of Slovenians in the Porabje region. They focused on the efforts by both countries to support the economic development of the Porabje region. "Although this is not a large community, I was positively surprised by the numerous plans and initiatives that ensure the preservation and development of the Slovenian community in the Porabje region. The dynamism and momentum of the community is reflected in the numerous projects financed from European funds, which also strengthen cross-border cooperation," said the Minister after the meeting.

Minister Fajon underlined Slovenia's continued commitment to support the efforts of the Slovenian community in Hungary in all areas vital to the preservation of language, culture and national identity. During her short visit, she visited the Porabje newspaper and Radio Monošter. "I would like to thank all of you who are preserving the Slovene language and passing it on to younger generations," said Minister Fajon after her visit.