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Worst floods hit Slovenia

Heavy rains in early August 2023 have caused catastrophic conditions in major part of Slovenia. Life-saving interventions are followed by life-saving measures, with all available forces assisting the population. The activation of the National Flood Protection and Rescue Plan is cancelled as of 31 August.
Contact your local community for information on the situation on the ground.
The emergency number 112 is intended only for the most urgent cases when life and property are at risk.
Follow instructions from public safety services. If advised to evacuate, do so immediately.
The Slovenian Press Agency (STA) has been reporting in detail about the devastating flooding that hit Slovenia on special website available in English (the news can be accessed free of charge).
If you notice individuals you suspect they might be unlawfully appropriating property, please immediately inform the police. Call the number 113.

In order to coordinate flood recovery as efficiently as possible, a Flood Recovery Coordination Working Group was established in August 2023.

In order to be more efficient in obtaining appropriate funding from the various European Union instruments to deal with the consequences of the catastrophic disaster, a Joint Task Force has been established, consisting of representatives of the European Commission and representatives of Slovenia.

The Reconstruction Council advises the Government on the formulation of disaster recovery measures and the development of disaster resilience.

Intervention measures to deal with the consequences of floods

The Government has adopted the Law on Intervention Measures to Eliminate the Consequences of Floods and Landslides of August 2023, which brings measures for entities in the affected areas. 

Among the measures that the emergency bill brings, the Government  highlighted solidarity aid, temporary accommodation for the elderly and inform, and waiver of electricity and natural gas bills for the affected households. The bill also envisages a 12-month loan payment moratorium and scrapping of administrative costs and court fees for those affected by flooding. Families affected by the floods will not have to pay kindergarten for the period when their children could not attend due to the flood situation. Parents of school children will not need to pay for school meals or dorms for high school students.

An emergency post-flood reconstruction bill brings a number of measures benefiting business. These include furlough subsidies, faster hiring of foreigners, a loan moratorium, and tax waivers.

The Government has also already adopted the amendments to the Natural Disaster Recovery Act and is preparing further measures.

Heavy rainfall can trigger landslide

Due to heavy rainfall, landslides can also be triggered. In areas prone to landslides, pay attention to signs such as:

  • Earth bulging
  • Settling
  • Increased saturation
  • Cracks and movements in the ground
  • Leaning trees or utility poles
  • Tilting fences and retaining walls
  • Cracks in buildings
  • Unusual sounds (such as tree cracking) and other muffled noises that gradually increase in volume.

If you observe such signs, please notify the Emergency Center at the telephone number 112 and leave the hazardous area.