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The Government decided that the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU should have several long-term positive effects, particularly in the local communities, tourism and the economy; therefore, the meetings related to the Presidency will not only be held in Brdo pri Kranju. Based on experience, Slovenia will host 150 to 200 meetings attended by 20,000 to 30,000 people during its Presidency.

These include meetings that presidency countries traditionally organise and additional unofficial meetings intended for discussing priority areas. All these meetings will provide opportunities for unofficial talks on presidency priorities and for the presentation of the presidency country and its culture, natural heritage and characteristics.

Meetings at the level of ministers or higher will be held at the premises of the State Protocol Services in Brdo pri Kranju due to the stringent requirements regarding protocol and security. Other meetings will be held at other locations across Slovenia. To this end we are preparing a selection of towns and cities. This will involve Slovenian towns and cities that are not only interested in participating but also fulfil the criteria for organising meetings within the Slovenian presidency with regard to security, accommodation, accompanying programme, conference venues and similar. The selection of possible locations will be prepared in 2019 in cooperation with local communities. Together with the local communities, we will determine the form of their participation in the organisation of meetings, from the preparation of cultural, art, tourist and other programmes to the inclusion of the local economy.