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Slovenia's Presidency is an opportunity for an overall promotion of the country and its knowledge, economy and tourism. A successful implementation of the project will undoubtedly increase the reputation of our country in the EU and beyond. The preparations for and implementation of the Presidency may also represent a great investment in terms of the improvement of the knowledge, skills and capacities of Slovenian public administration and the increase of its capacities for operating in the EU in the long term.

As Slovenia will be performing this task for the second time, we have set ourselves an additional, ambitious goal. Since 2007 our identity has been represented in the national brand I feel Slovenia. Green is at the core of the brand. In Slovenia green is more than just a colour and primarily symbolises the balance between nature and people and the development of society. Therefore it will be the connecting point between the priorities and the integral concept of the preparations for and implementation of the Presidency, which will be reflected in specific goals before and during it.