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Stane Jeršič

Stane Jeršič (b. 1957) is a professional in the field of photography, video and multimedia. He has realised many top international projects, visual presentations and corporate events, for example the presentation of Slovenia at EXPO Shanghai ("Better City – Better Life") and the presentation during the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).  Stane Jeršič has received numerous awards for his work. His works have been included in anthological exhibitions and anthologies and presented independently in books and magazines; they are also part of some of the most important public and private collections: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Lodz Art Center.

Bojana Čampa

Bojana Čampa (b. 1967) graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana at the departments of Art History and History. She worked as a gallerist in private galleries for more than ten years. She has written numerous art reviews, curated exhibitions of contemporary art, and prepared and led programmes related to domestic and foreign cultural heritage. In 2019, she published Poklon Ljubljani – obnova Cukrarne (Homage to Ljubljana – Renovation of Cukrarna) and participated in the projects "Evropska sredstva povezujejo" (European Funds Connect, 2020–2021) and “Oblike za novo demokracijo” (Forms for the New Democracy, 2019–2021) as an author.