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Beti Hohler – Slovenia's candidate for the International Criminal Court 2023 Judicial Elections

Beti Hohler - experience, commitment, integrity
Slovenia is a staunch supporter of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and persistently highlights the importance of the Court’s independence and effectiveness. Slovenia is honoured to present Ms Beti HOHLER, an outstanding candidate for the ICC Judicial Elections in December 2023.

Beti Hohler

My experience as an advocate and as a judicial advisor in international criminal proceedings gives me a unique understanding of the challenges before the ICC and would make me a particularly efficient and effective judge. I am deeply committed to the mandate of the Court and would be honoured to serve as one of its judges.

Ms Beti Hohler is an internationally established expert in international criminal law and procedure with extensive practical and academic experience in international criminal justice. Ms Hohler currently serves as a Trial Lawyer for the ICC's Office of the Prosecutor. She is also a member of the ICC Appeals Board. Ms Hohler brings to the role the wealth of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Court’s legal framework, structures, and jurisprudence.

Ms Hohler has extensive experience in complex international criminal cases before international and internationalised courts in different roles. She also has specific expertise in addressing sexual and gender-based violence and violence against and affecting children in armed conflicts.

In addition, Ms Hohler is the Director of Training at the Institute for International Legal and Advocacy Training in The Hague and the Associate Editor of the Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts. She is one of the contributors to the leading Commentary of the Rome Statute in the English language and regularly trains judges and advocates on international criminal law and advocacy. Ms Hohler has authored multiple publications on international criminal law and human rights and has more than a decade of professional experience in multinational and multi-ethnic working environments with colleagues from different legal traditions and backgrounds.

Beti Hohler’s Five Priority Judicial Commitments

  1. Deliver and promote proactive case management and focused litigation.
  2. Maintain and promote unimpeachable standards of integrity, impartiality and independence.
  3. Deliver high-quality judicial reasoning in a timely manner.
  4. Embrace and promote the use of modern technology to improve efficiency.
  5. Promote a shared vision of the Court both internally and externally, as well as collaborative working practices and collegiality in Chambers.


"I am pleased to commend the candidature of Ms Beti Hohler for the election as a judge of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Ms Hohler is a person of unwavering integrity, impartiality, independence, and professionalism. She is committed to the mission of the Court and to international justice."

Nataša Pirc Musar, President of the Republic of Slovenia

Read the whole commendation by the President of the Republic of Slovenia