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Below you will find the Archivalias of the Month published in 2022. Archival documents are presented in word and image. Below the text of each archivalia you will find the name of the author, in the right column you will also find information on which sector of the archive prepared it.
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Tax register for Carniola, [Ljubljana, 1546-1549] . SI AS 173, Imenjska knjiga za Kranjsko, glavna knjiga št. 2. | Author Arhiv Republike Slovenije

Archivalias of the Month

  • May 2022

    Search For the American P-38 Fighter Pilot Martin F. O'Callaghan

    During WW2, there were a number of air formations operating in the Slovenian airspace, especially those of the 15th US Air Force. Increase in Allied aircraft activity led to an increase in a number of planes that crashed or were shot down. When discussing the issue of wounded pilots and their rescue, less attention was given to the issue of the actual burials and subsequent reburials of the pilots who had died. Preserved among the records of the archival fond of the Federal Committee for the Organization of the Transfer of the Fallen Soldiers for Slovenia are tens of letters of inquiry, reports on graves of the deceased pilots, and letters on possible reburials. This month’s archivalia offers a look at the mysterious case of the search for the pilot Martin F. O'Callaghan.

  • April 2022

    Piran – Tartini – Čap

    The year 2022 was declared the year of Tartini, but it is also an opportunity for us to remember and celebrate František Čap, a film direction of Czech origin, who managed to put some celebrity glamour into Slovenian film. The film "Piran, the Pearl of Slovenian Coast" inadvertedly joined the anniversaries of these two individuals. In their own way and through their own art, they both celebrated this coastal town, which, on account of its picturesqueness, has always been loved by film cameras.

  • March 2022

    Slovenia's First Radio Station Broadcasting from the Offices of the Educational Association in Ljubljana

    Engineer Marij Osana, the leading expert on telegraph and telephone in the Kingdom of SHS and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, who in 1924 constructed the first radio transmitter, is nowadays considered as the pioneer of Slovenian radio. He was also a member of the Educational Association in Ljubljana, where he was the head of its radio section. Osana's experiments with radio broadcasting soon led to the launching of the first radio station in Slovenia, Radio Ljubljana. The official ceremony accompanying the launching of Radio Ljubljana was held at the Grand Hotel Union Hall on October 28, 1928. The solemn event is thoroughly documented in the chronicle of the Educational Association.

  • February 2022

    »For Right-Wingers, PEN is Too Left-Wing, and for Left-Wingers it is Too Right-Wing«

    This year marks the 60th anniversary of the re-launch of the Slovenian PEN Centre, which, according to one of its founders (Matej Bor) was too left-wing for right-wingers and too right-wing for left-wingers. This month's archivalia describes the efforts put in by Slovenian writers to re-launch the Slovenian PEN Centre and offers an insight into the background of the operations of internal affairs authorities in regard to its registration, which should have been just a formality.

  • January 2022

    The Inventory and Rent-Roll of the Territorial Princely Parish of Moravče

    Inventories and rent-rolls of parishes and other ecclesiastical benefices under the patronage of a territorial prince constitute a special type of early modern archival records. Characteristically, they have a specific, more or less uniform structure, the reason for their creation – looking at it from a broader perspective – being to a large extent the determination of (Inner)Austrian territorial princes to hold control over the church property. This month's archivalia – Inventory and Rent-Roll of the Territorial Princely Parish of Moravče – takes us back to a time 260 years ago.