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The energy policy contributes to the well-being of citizens and is the foundation of a competitive economy. As such, it has to meet environmental sustainability requirements and ensure a reliable and competitive energy supply. We are responsible for pursuing the targets of the national energy policy and for providing accessible energy to all citizens. Our priority areas are efficient energy use and increasing the use of energy from renewable sources. We support environmentally sustainable energy solutions that are aimed at making Slovenia a low-carbon society.

Together we are implementing the national energy and climate plan

Our development strategy unites all participants, from energy service providers to industrial consumers and households. The basic purpose of energy policy is to ensure sustainable energy management. To this end, it focuses on three aspects of sustainability: climate compatibility, the reliability of supply and competitiveness.

Sustainable low-carbon Slovenia

Our priority is to increase the supply of energy from renewable sources. We strive to replace outdated technologies with more efficient and environment-friendly technologies for using renewable sources. In this way we reduce dependency on imported sources, increase energy security, and boost employment and development in rural areas. Through implementing modern technologies and measures in industry, using energy-efficient household appliances, carrying out energy-saving renovation of old buildings, and ensuring that in new buildings energy is provided from renewable sources as far as is possible, we can significantly reduce energy consumption. In this way we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to better management of the cost of living while preserving quality of life.