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National minorities and Roma Community protection

One of the premises of any democratic political system is a respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the creation of conditions for their exercise. These rights include the right to freely express national affiliation, the right to use one’s language and script, the prohibition of incitement to discrimination and intolerance, and special rights of minorities, reflecting a pluralistic society and laying the foundations for tolerance and understanding between people. Two national minorities – the Italian and Hungarian national communities – and the Roma community traditionally live in the Republic of Slovenia. All three communities enjoy special rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Protection of national communities

Slovenia guarantees rights to the autochthonous Italian and Hungarian national communities. In accordance with the Constitution, both communities are guaranteed special rights, on the basis of which Slovenia preserves their identity and provides equality in the social inclusion of the two communities. These rights are ensured in various areas (for example language, culture, education, and economic base) and regardless of the number of members of these communities.

Protection of the Roma community

In Slovenia, the special rights of the Roma community are guaranteed with the implementation of the constitutional provision, the Roma Community in the Republic of Slovenia Act as the basic law, and through other legislative provisions applicable to the Roma community.

By implementing special measures, Slovenia improves the educational structure of Roma, their healthcare and living conditions, increases their employment, eliminates their social exclusion, and encourages the development and preservation of their culture, thus strengthening the intercultural dialogue and enriching intercultural cooperation.