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Slovenian language

The Slovenian language is a cornerstone of our existence and of our cultural and artistic creativity. In the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian language permeates all aspects of social life, as knowing Slovenian is a prerequisite for establishing social relations in many different areas, from education, media, healthcare and public administration to the economy and culture. That is why we ensure that the Slovenian language has a central role in official and public life within Slovenia’s territory and strive to preserve its usage, vitality and dynamics.

The central goal of Slovenia’s language policy is to build a community of autonomous speakers with advanced language competence in Slovenian, with sufficient knowledge of other languages, and with a high degree of language self-confidence and motivation to accept language and cultural diversity. Since this is of concern to the State, in 2014 the Government of the Republic of Slovenia appointed an inter-ministerial working group to monitor the implementation of the language policy of the Republic of Slovenia consisting of representatives (public employees) of those executive authorities and bearers of public authority whose activity is most closely linked to language policy issues. 

Concern for language equality

We advocate the strengthening and consistent exercise of the language rights of the Slovenian language community in neighbouring countries and the rights of speakers of the Slovenian language as one of the official languages in the European Union and international institutions. We ensure that the same rights are guaranteed to minorities, as provided by the Constitution, and facilitate the preservation and revitalisation of the languages of other language communities and of immigrants. We support the development of Slovenian sign language and Slovenian Braille. Where necessary and reasonable, we enable communication and the provision of information in other languages.

We wish to encourage foreign language speakers to learn Slovenian and are pleased to note that there has been a growing interest in learning Slovenian as a foreign language (Slovenian is taught as such in Ljubljana and at many foreign universities). On the other hand, knowledge and use of the Slovenian language are obligatory for all those who wish to professionally engage in public and official communication or those employed in language-sensitive jobs.