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  • Return is one of key pillars of an effective migration policy

    The Ministry of the Interior, in cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, is organising a two-day international conference about cooperation on return, focusing on the Western Balkans.

  • Minister Bobnar on the occasion of World Refugee Day: Anyone who flees is just looking for a new and safe home

    Below is the message delivered by the Minister of the Interior, Tatjana Bobnar, on the occasion of World Refugee Day on 20 June, and statistics on international protection in Slovenia.

  • Minister Bobnar attends meeting of Home Affairs Ministers in Luxembourg

    Minister of the Interior, Tatjana Bobnar, attended the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Luxembourg today.

  • Dr. Lobnikar pledges the Ministry leadership's support to anti-trafficking

    Third round of evaluation of implementation of the Council of Europe's Convention on action against trafficking in human beings is taking place in Slovenia from 6 to 9 June. State Secretary dr. Branko Lobnikar received the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (Greta) today at the Ministry of the interior.

  • Minister Bobnar: The Ministry needs to revert to the rule of law

    After the handover, the newly-appointed Minister of the Interior, Tatjana Bobnar, and the Acting Director General of the Police, Boštjan Lindav gave a statement to the media.

  • Увага! Попереджаємо про небезпеку торгівлі людьми

    Через війну в Україні ЄС зараз стикається з найбільшою кризою біженців з часів Другої світової війни. За останніми підрахунками, близько 4 мільйонів людей були змушені покинути Україну, більшість із них жінки та діти, які є особливо вразливою групою з точки зору торгівлі людьми.

  • Slovenian and Greek interior ministers on war in Ukraine

    The Slovenian Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs, and the Greek Minister of Migration and Asylum, Notis Mitarachi, met today in Bled. They focused on the war in Ukraine, the gradual approach to the Pact on Migration and Asylum and the political governance of the Schengen area.

  • Hojs and his Cypriot counterpart Nouris discuss the situation in Ukraine

    Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs met with Nicos Nouris, Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, in Ljubljana today. The main topics of the discussion were the war in Ukraine and its consequences and the Pact on Migration and Asylum.

  • EU home affairs ministers support the single registration systems for persons fleeing Ukraine

    EU home affairs ministers met at the Extraordinary Justice and Home Affairs Council today in Brussels to continue the discussion on the consequences of the situation in Ukraine. They focused on the reception and registration procedures for persons fleeing Ukraine, on the implementation of material and financial support for member states, and security issues. The Extraordinary Council was attended by Slovenian State Secretary Franc Kangler.

  • Ambassadors briefed on the measures in response to the crisis in Ukraine

    Today, Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs briefed a number of foreign ambassadors to Slovenia on the activities and measures of the Slovenian Government in relation to the crisis in Ukraine.

  • Ministers support Commission's proposal to protect refugees from Ukraine

    Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs attended the Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting in Brussels. Following Sunday's extraordinary meeting on the situation in Ukraine, the ministers continued their discussion on the response to the situation there, which requires constant and close monitoring and an immediate and decisive EU response.

  • EU ministers of the interior unanimously condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine

    Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs has attended the extraordinary meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Brussles, convened by the French presidency. EU ministers of the interior met to discuss provision of humanitarian support to Ukraine, reception of refugees and the underlying aspects regarding the activation of the directive on temporary protection, management of the external borders, measures on visas and anticipation of hybrid threats.

  • RVT condition no longer applies for entry into Slovenia

    The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has issued the Ordinance repealing the Ordinance of determining the conditions for entry into the Republic of Slovenia for the purpose of containment and control of the infectious disease COVID-19. The Ordinance enters into force on 19 February 2022.

  • EU home affairs ministers meet in Lille to discuss Schengen reform and migration policy

    Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs attended the two-day informal meeting of EU home affairs ministers in Lille, France. The key topics of the meeting were the reform of Schengen and progress in shaping a common EU migration policy.

  • Minister Hojs: Protecting EU's external borders is our shared responsibility

    Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs attended a two-day conference on border management in Vilnius. Participants addressed the issue of the instrumentalisation of migrants for political purposes and discussed common measures to strengthen surveillance at the EU's external borders in the face of increased migration flows. On the margins of the event organised by the Interior Ministers of Austria, Greece, Lithuania and Poland, the participants visited a border surveillance centre and were updated on the situation at the external border.

  • Close EU-US cooperation contributes to higher security in the EU and the world

    The Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs and the Minister of Justice Marjan Dikaučič, current Chairs of the EU Home Affairs Council and EU Justice Council respectively, attended the EU-US Justice and Home Affairs ministerial meeting in Washington on 16 December 2021. The ministerial meeting was also attended by the European Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson, the Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders, a delegation of the General Secretariat of the EU Council, the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Ilkka Salmi, the Executive Director of Europol Catherine de Bolle and the President of Eurojust Ladislav Hamran.The meeting agenda was dedicated to justice and home affairs topics of shared EU and US interest.

  • Hojs: Europol is a key partner in internal security

    As part of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU, a video conference of the Management Board of Europol started today. The participants were addressed by the Slovenian Minister of the Interior and Chair of the Home Affairs Council, Aleš Hojs.

  • Ministers of the interior conclude Croatia has met all the conditions for the application of the full Schengen acquis

    EU ministers of the interior have unanimously concluded that Croatia has fulfilled the necessary conditions for the application of all parts of the Schengen acquis.

  • Hojs backs closer cooperation in the fight against online child sexual abuse and the spread of extremist content

    Today, the Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs, attended the seventh ministerial meeting of the EU Internet Forum, organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the internet industry.

  • Hojs believes an integrated approach is needed in the fight against human trafficking

    The EU Network of National Rapporteurs and Equivalent Mechanisms against Trafficking in Human Beings (NREM) met today by videoconference, in the context of the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union. The Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs gave an opening speech.