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  • 10th survey of the basic food basket shows lowest price to date

    The results of the 10th survey of the basic food basket were published on the “Our Superfood” website on 17 January 2023. The results of the analysis show that the price of the average cheapest basket of 15 basic foods is currently at its lowest since monitoring started. Furthermore, a comparison of price trends over the last two weeks shows a decrease in meat prices.

  • 9th inventory of basic food prices shows a marginal decrease in the basket price

    The results of the ninth inventory of basic food products made on 3 January 2023 are published on the “Our Superfood” website. The analyses of the inventory reveal a minimal reduction in the basic food basket and in the fruit and vegetables basket. However, a comparison of price trends over the last two weeks reveals concrete price increases for meat.

  • Ministers Šinko and Stojmenova Duh about the progress of digitalisation in agriculture project

    The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Irena Šinko, and the Minister of Digital Transformation, Dr. Emilija Stojmenova Duh, met today at the second meeting with students and mentors from four faculties. They presented the progress in the project entitled The Possibilities for Digitalising Farms with Young Owners, for which the research phase has concluded.

  • 53rd Correspondence Meeting of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    At its correspondence meeting, the Government adopted the Decree about the animal welfare intervention of the Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan 2023–2027 for Slovenia in the year 2023 and the Decree on Conditionality. It also gave its consent to the Business Plan of the Agency for Radwaste Management for 2023–2024 and concluded the Contract on the implementation of the compulsory State utility service for radioactive waste management.

  • Minister Šinko: "Our knowledge on bees has improved thanks to beekeepers and World Bee Day"

    Five years ago today, the United Nations General Assembly declared 20 May World Bee Day. The National Council of the Republic of Slovenia organised an expert meeting entitled "There will be no bees without beekeepers" together with the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association to mark this occasion. Minister Irena Šinko attended the event. Certificates of recognition were awarded and the national champion in honey was crowned on the margins of the expert meeting.

  • Minister Šinko: “The document is ambitious, responds to key challenges, and reflects the state of play and trends in the fisheries sector”

    Minister Irena Šinko and Director-General of the Food and Fisheries Directorate, Ana Le Marechal Kolar, today presented the Programme for the Implementation of the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF) for the new financial period 2021-2027 at a press conference.

  • Minister Šinko and the representatives of service providers signed the first contracts under the Recovery and Resilience Plan

    Minister Irena Šinko and state secretary dr. Darij Krajčič presented the projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (MKGP) under the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) at the press conference today.

  • Minister Šinko and her Turkish counterpart confirm further cooperation

    Minister Irena Šinko has hosted her Turkish counterpart Vahit Kirişci, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Türkiye, for a two-day visit in Slovenia.

  • The Republic of Slovenia issued an open call for the 2023 Golden Bee Award

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food has issued an open call to citizens, legal persons or other organisations for the identification of candidates for the 2023 Golden Bee Award.

  • EU agriculture ministers on implementing the EU forest strategy and ensuring the availability of fertilisers

    Minister Irena Šinko participated in the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting. European Commission informed the EU Ministers on implementing the new EU forest strategy for 2030, and on ensuring the availability and affordability of fertilisers. They dealt with the agricultural aspect of the proposal for a Regulation on nature restoration, on two points concerning fisheries, on energy transition of the EU fishing fleet and aquaculture, and on the algae sector development activities. In bilateral meetings, the Minister met with the European Commissioner for the Environment, Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Mr Virginijus Sinkevičius, and with Mr Peter Kullgren, the Minister for Rural Development of Sweden, which in 2023 begins the Presidency over the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council.

  • World Fisheries Day in light of social protection of fishers and aquaculture producers

    This year, the World Fisheries Day, celebrated on 21 November, is dedicated to highlighting the importance of healthy marine ecosystems and to ensuring sustainable fisheries stocks and social protection of workers in the fishing industry.

  • European Commission protected the “Meso istrskega goveda - boškarina"

    European Commission published today in the Official Journal of the European Union the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/2267 of 14 November 2022 entering a name in the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications (“Meso istarskog goveda – boškarina / Meso istrskega goveda – boškarina” (PDO)).

  • “Green light” for Slovenian 2023-2027 CAP Strategic Plan

    European Commission endorsed today the Slovenian 2023-2027 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plan (SN SKP 2023–2027). This is the key agricultural policy strategic document, on which basis in the next programming period Slovenia is going to provide for long-term food security, green breakthrough, sustainable development of Slovenian agriculture, forestry, food industry, and sustainable rural development.

  • EU Ministers on conditions in agricultural markets due to circumstances in Ukraine

    The Minister, Ms. Irena Šinko, participated today in the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting. The EU Ministers exchanged information on conditions in agricultural markets in particular due to the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine.

  • Slovenia for a greater role of forests within the ‘for forests group’

    The Minister Irena Šinko, participated today in the ‘For Forests Group’ meeting. The Member State Ministers, cooperating in the Group, signed the Guidelines and principles on closer cooperation in forestry within the European Union. The meeting was held in the margins of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting.

  • Slovenian products prevail in the consumer food basket

    The Naša Super Hrana website published the results of the third survey of basic food products from 10 October 2022. According to this insight into price developments in the consumer food basket, and additional analysis, products of Slovenian origin prevail at all food retailers included in the survey.

  • ‘Golden Bee Award’ committee meeting with Irena Šinko, Minister of agriculture, forestry and food

    Ms Irena Šinko, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (MAFF), participated today in the 7th meeting of the ‘Golden Bee Award’ Committee, where the central topic was the approval of the ‘2023 Golden Bee Award’ public tender dossier.

  • Minister Šinko: "I believe our strategic plan is ambitious enough and reflects the situation and trends in agriculture"

    At a press conference today, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Irena Šinko, and the Acting Director-General of the Agriculture Directorate, Maša Žagar, presented the 2023–2027 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plan for Slovenia.

  • 4 October is World Animal Day

    Today, we celebrate World Animal Day. It is intended to raise awareness among the general public about animals as sentient beings and the necessity of caring for them responsibly and in a way that does not cause them pain, suffering and fear.

  • Majority of aid for farmers and fishermen already paid out within the measures to mitigate price increases

    In the first half of September, the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development (ARSKTRP) started paying aid to the agricultural and fisheries sectors, which are facing increasing costs of production and processing due to the rising prices of fuel, electricity and intermediate goods. By 30 September, almost EUR 22.2 million of aid was paid out from the anticipated EUR 22.3 million.