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Slovenia presenting premium quality food products in Japan

Ms Irena Šinko, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (MAFF), is participating in the formal opening of the 48th FOODEX Japan 2023, the largest international food and beverages show, jointly with a delegation of Slovenian industrial and economic operators. At the show, regarded as the leading food and beverage show in Asia, 11 Slovenian companies are presenting themselves.

Business forum called “Slovenia – A Green Table of Europe” took place today, and the Minister is conducting several bilateral meetings during her visit.

Slovenia is presenting itself at the 48th FOODEX Japan 2023 international food and beverages show, taking place between 7 and 10 March in Tokyo, Japan. At the showroom stand of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (MAFF), products of 10 Slovenian companies are presented (including Medex Trade, d. o. o., Klet Brda, z. o. o., Kodila, d. o. o., Chilli Wine, d. o. o., Hiša vin Emino, Mare Santo, Kras, and Japanese importers of Slovenian products: Zaria, 365 wine, Fujio Project and Shiozaki Building). This is a great opportunity to present Slovenian food products in such a large-scale and highly important international event, regarded as the leading food and beverage show in Japan and in Asia as well.

The visit of the governmental-economic delegation to Japan is organised by MAFF, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS), the SPIRIT Slovenija Public Agency, and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tokyo. Delegation under the leadership of the Minister Ms Irena Šinko is composed of representatives of Slovenian companies involved in the production and processing of agricultural and food products, of the MAFF, and the CCIS-CAFE (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) – Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises (CAFE)). After the formal opening, the Minister Šinko told in the interview for the media that the Japanese market was not only very remote, but also rather extensive and demanding for the Slovenian food-processing industry. “Companies of the Slovenian food-processing industry are highly export-oriented, selling more than a third of their production in other countries. To date, only a minor portion of exports of Slovenian companies have reached the Japanese market. However, I believe that it has potential for products from Slovenia, as these are of premium quality, of excellent taste, and produced according to highest standards. We understand that making business and maintaining business relations is a continual process, which should be upheld and accelerated in the aftermath of the pandemic. This first presentation in the show is intended to strengthen the existing business relations, and to further present Slovenia to the Japanese market. This is an opportunity for Slovenian companies to find new business partners.”

Today at the show, a business forum called “Slovenia – A Green Table of Europe” took place. The participants were addressed by the Minister Ms Irena Šinko, the President of the CCIS-CAFE, Mr Janez Rebec, and by the CCIS-CAFE Directress, Dr Tatjana Zagorc. In her speech, the Minister pointed out that one of priority tasks of Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture was to assist companies in their breakthrough to new markets, and thereby, to boost exports of high-quality agricultural and food products, which can with confidence be brought to the Japanese market. “Nowadays, it is indispensable for food-processing establishments to become anchored in international trade patterns, where they may contribute to the enrichment and expansion of awareness of different cultures outside our national boundaries. This is the first visit of a Slovenian delegation of food-processing industry in Japan, and I am confident that this is a beginning of good and fruitful cooperation.”

Slovenian companies arrived to the FOODEX Japan 2023 show with many expectations for new business contacts, possible new business contracts or strengthening the existing business relations with the Japanese partners, or to find new market opportunities. Visitors to the show have at their disposal an Information Point on Slovenia, Slovenian tourism, countryside, and different relaxation and recreation possibilities.

Last year, Japan as partner country cooperated in the 60th AGRA International Fair of Agriculture and Food in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia. At that fair, the invited Japanese companies presented themselves to the Slovenian companies and to the general public. Then, a decision was adopted to deepen cooperation between the two countries. Thus, the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (MAFF), jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS), and the SPIRIT Slovenija Public Agency, decided to organise a visit of a Slovenian governmental-economic delegation to Japan at the time of the FOODEX Japan 2023 show in Tokyo.

During her visit to Japan, the Minister will meet with the Japanese Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Mr Tetsuro Nomura. She will hold several meetings with representatives of different institutions and visit educational institutions and research centres, and she will take a field tour of several show cases of good practices in agriculture and in fisheries.