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This Merry Day of Culture

On 3 December, the anniversary of the birth of poet France Prešeren, Slovenia’s cultural institutions once again opened their doors to the people.

A statue of poet France Prešeren in Ljubljana

A statue of poet France Prešeren in Ljubljana | Author Tamino Petelinšek, STA

On This Merry Day of Culture, as the anniversary, which is celebrating its 20th instance this year, is called, exhibitions, presentations, guided tours, workshops and more were held all over Slovenia.

The third of December, the birthday of Slovenia’s greatest poet France Prešeren, has been a day of celebration of Slovenia’s cultural institutions since the year 2000, during which the poet’s 200th birthday was celebrated. The event, which features free admission, always draws a large crowd.

Over the years, This Merry Day of Culture has grown into a major event celebrated all over the country, making the joy of celebrating culture accessible to all who are interested – from the very youngest to the very oldest, and everyone in between.

Numerous cultural institutions all over Slovenia opened their doors: museums, galleries, theatres and other institutions, which offer free exhibitions, guided tours, workshops and presentations. More than 300 free events were held all over the country, designed for all age groups.