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Minister Fajon: Slovenians in Brazil as a bridge of cooperation and integration between the two countries

Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Tanja Fajon visited the Triglav Slovenian House in Sao Paulo and met with members of the Association of Slovenians in Brazil. She also attended an event organised by the Slovenian-Brazilian and Slovenian-Argentine chambers of commerce. As a guest of the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI), she gave a lecture on the geostrategic situation in the world and Slovenia's foreign policy.

"It is wonderful to be here, in a place that belongs to Slovenia but is located on the other side of the world. The Triglav Slovenian House is a centre where Slovenians can meet, socialise and speak their mother tongue. Slovenians in Brazil are an important bridge of cooperation and integration between the two countries. The Association of Slovenians in Brazil has around 100 members and works to preserve the Slovenian identity, culture and language through various activities, making it an important pillar supporting the links between the two nations. Slovenians in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city, are actively engaged in various fields and contribute to deepening economic, scientific and cultural cooperation. Regardless of the distance, contact with the homeland is vital and we will continue our efforts within the Council for Slovenians Abroad to provide assistance and support to Slovenians in Brazil," said Minister Fajon after her visit to the Triglav Slovenian House.

At the meeting of the Slovenian-Brazilian and Slovenian-Argentine chambers of commerce in Sao Paulo, Minister Fajon welcomed the creation of a digital interactive map showing all the locations of Slovenian companies. "The interactive map of Slovenian companies in Argentina and Brazil, which is also supported by the Slovenian economic diplomacy, is a step in the right direction, towards enhancing economic partnership. The potential is there, as is the interest on both sides, which can be further strengthened at the next meeting of the Joint Commission between Slovenia and Brazil in Ljubljana next year," said Minister Fajon.

Minister Fajon was also a guest at a discussion organised by CEBRI, a major Brazilian think tank for international relations, which cooperates with the Bled Strategic Forum. She presented Slovenia's foreign policy and answered questions from the assembled professors and diplomats on Slovenia-Brazil relations, the recognition of Palestine, Russian aggression in Ukraine, right-wing populism in Europe and the cooperation between the EU and the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR).

This concludes the Minister's visit to Brazil. She is now on her way to the United States of America.