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The largest regional cyber exercise in Slovenia brings new knowledge and strengthened cooperation

Today, at the Baron Andrej Čehovin Barracks in Postojna, the nine-day Adriatic Regional Security Cyber Cooperation Exercise 24 – ARSC2EX 24 successfully concluded.

This exercise, which is considered the largest of its kind in Slovenia to date, brought together approximately one hundred members of the armed forces and cybersecurity experts from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, and the United States.

ARSC2EX 24, conducted under the auspices of the United States European Command – USEUCOM and in cooperation with the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Cybersecurity Centre of the Ministry of Defence, aimed to enhance participants' capabilities in actively monitoring and responding to cyber threats. Additionally, the exercise sought to improve collaboration and information sharing among allied nations in protecting cyberspace.

During the first week of the exercise, participants focused on acquiring new knowledge for the use of advanced security tools and techniques for detecting and preventing cyberattacks. The second week was dedicated to simulating actual cyber incidents, where participants defended their networks, detected breaches, and responded effectively. The exercise featured a series of realistic scenarios that allowed participants to test their skills in resolving complex security challenges.

On the final day of the exercise, more than 100 participants from Slovenia and abroad successfully completed the training, gaining new knowledge and valuable experience that will be crucial for future tasks in the field of cybersecurity. The closing ceremony was attended by high-ranking representatives from the participating countries, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Armed Forces, the Governmental Information Security Office (URSIV), and others. The distinguished guests were briefed on the course and objectives of the exercise and the results achieved by the teams during the exercise. They also had the opportunity to observe the teams in action and meet with their cybersecurity experts who participated in the exercise.

A significant milestone in the organization and execution of ARSC2EX 24 was the use of the state-of-the-art cyber training facility of the Ministry of Defence, which the ministry received with funding from the U.S. government in November 2023. This facility enables the execution of complex national and international cybersecurity exercises, demonstrating Slovenia's capability to host and conduct such extensive and complex exercises.

ARSC2EX 24 represents a significant step forward for Slovenia, confirming its ability to conduct large-scale international cyber exercises at its own cyber training facility and establishing itself as a credible partner in the region and beyond. The successful execution of the exercise demonstrated that Slovenia not only possesses the necessary capabilities but also the knowledge and expertise to effectively protect cyberspace, which is highly vulnerable and exposed to numerous threats in the modern world.

Recent years have shown that cooperation in the field of cybersecurity is crucial for successfully combating increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. ARSC2EX 24 once again underscored the importance of international cooperation and information sharing, which are key to ensuring the security of national communication and information systems. During the exercise, participants not only learned new techniques and approaches but also strengthened mutual trust and built solid relationships that will contribute to more effective joint responses to cyber threats in the future.