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Ambassador Mirošič attended Arctic Encounter Symposium in Anchorage, Alaska

Last week, Ambassador Iztok Mirošič attened the 10th Arctic Encounter Symposium in Anchorage, Alaska. He also participated on the panel entitled What happens when the Arctic Doesn't Stay in the Arctic as a guest speaker.

At the invitation of the organizers, Ambassador Iztok Mirošič attended the 10th Arctic Encounter Symposium in Anchorage, Alaska, which took place between April 10 and 12, 2024. At the initiative of the EU Embassy in the USA, a larger number of ambassadors also participated in the symposium of EU member states in the USA, as the EU was given special attention and events at the conference.

Ambassador Mirošič participated as a speaker at the panel titled "What happens when the Arctic Doesn't Stay in the Arctic", together with scientists Dr. Sue Natali, lead scientist for the melting of Arctic permafrost and its consequences at the Woodwell Climate Research Center in the United States, and Dr. Brendan Kelly, Executive Director and Lead Scientist for Arctic Climate Change Studies, University of Alaska.

On the panel, Mirošič presented Slovenian climate and water diplomacy, which works independently, through the EU, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and also within the framework of our non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council, since climate change is the source of food shortages, floods, droughts and migration and thus the issue of peace and security. Due to sudden climate changes, the EU has shown its interest in the Arctic by the renewed EU Arctic Strategy 2021, where it advocates cooperation in the green transition, the fight against climate change and the sustainable development of the Arctic, as well as peaceful cooperation in this area.

During his visit to Alaska, Ambassador Mirošič also met with the deputy governor of the state of Alaska,Nancy Dahlstrom, and presented Slovenia and the possibilities of bilateral cooperation to her. He also met with the mayor of Anchorage, Dave Bronson, and the president of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, Kathleen McArdle, and presented to her the interest of Slovenian companies in doing business in Alaska. As part of the conference, he also participated at the roundtable of Northern Vision Fellows professors and students and presented them with Slovenian foreign and defense policy.

He also met with Slovenians living in Alaska, namely with professor of literature at the University of Alaska prof. dr. Katja Perat and the Slovenian student of arctic studies at the University of Fairbanks, Juš Tavčar.