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Dr. Erjavec: Challenges exist, but in Slovenia, we are experiencing a rural renaissance

As the 20th anniversary of Slovenia's accession to the EU approaches, in a new episode of the podcast, we hosted agricultural economist Dr Emil Erjavec. During the negotiations for EU accession, he was a member of the core negotiating team for agriculture and fisheries, the "expert engine" of the negotiations for agriculture. He is a highly popular professor at the Biotechnical Faculty and above all, a great expert in agricultural policy.

The host of this episode, Petra Bezjak Cirman, director of Government Communication Office  (Ukom), in conversation with him, recalled the negotiations and also discussed the current state of Slovenian agriculture. Dr Erjavec is critical of the lack of mutual cooperation in our agri-food chains and believes that the government's measure of monitoring prices throughout the chain is right but 30 years too late in adoption. He highlights the trend of young people increasingly seeking alternative ways of life in rural areas—a phenomenon he calls the 'renaissance of the countryside.' However, he is concerned about the gap with young farmers. Dr Erjavec is convinced that cooperation between them is essential.

You are also invited to watch the video podcast.