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Slovenia as Guest of Honour at the Bologna Book Fair

Slovenia will appear as Guest of Honour at the prestigious Bologna International Book Fair next month, cementing its place on the world stage as a nation rich in imaginative children's and youth literature and with an exceptional illustration heritage.

As Guest of Honour, Slovenia has a unique opportunity to showcase its creative talents, publishers, authors and illustrators at one of the world's leading platforms for children's and youth literature.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of Slovenia's upcoming appearance at the Bologna Book Fair, Minister Asta Vrečko said, "The Bologna Book Fair is one of the oldest and most important events dedicated to children's and youth literature. Slovenia will present a large exhibition of Slovenian illustrations, an exceptional pavilion, and outstanding children's and youth literature. Slovenia has brilliant illustrators who form a thriving artistic genre, often promoting children's and youth literature. In addition to Slovenia's successful efforts towards internationalisation as a literary nation, we remain committed to promoting a culture of reading, which we started with the Ljubljana Manifesto on Advanced Reading. Reading, especially when initiated at an early age with parents and through quality children's and youth literature, opens up realms of imagination, critical thinking and personal growth. It is therefore imperative to raise awareness as much as possible of the importance of reading from the earliest stages of life, because in an age of fast-paced information and a flood of fake news and misinformation, it is vital to develop reading and visual literacy skills. High-quality children's and youth literature, of which Slovenia is fortunate to have an abundance, plays a key role in this endeavour. As a professional business event, the fair will undoubtedly provide Slovenian authors with ample opportunities to forge new international collaborations. In addition, a wide range of side events will complement the fair.

Following Slovenia's highly successful appearance as Guest of Honour at last year's Frankfurt Book Fair, our country is ready to take centre stage at the Bologna Book Fair, while plans are underway for next year's spotlight on the European Capital of Culture in Nova Gorica. All these and many other international events in the field of culture are interrelated, mutually enriching, strengthening the reputation and visibility of Slovenia and its authors and artists at home and around the world, and writing the success story of Slovenian culture and art."

During the fair, more than 30 events with Slovenian participation will take place. All the contents are intertwined, while each of the events is an integral form of promotion and establishment of our country and culture.

Slovenia will be presented through an illustration exhibition in the central hall, Slovenian comics will be assigned special shelves in Comic Corner in hall 30, while hall 29 will feature both a national stand and the stands of two independent publishers. Books from various Slovenian publishers of children's and youth literature will be presented at the national stand, which will also feature publishers' workstations. The stand will also show a promotional film about Slovenian children's and youth books, an animated film about Alma Karlin, and interviews with authors prepared by the Slovenian Writers' Association. The Bee Curious anthology, the Top 30 brochure, the Italian version of the brochure Slovenia Loves Reading and the English version of A Book’s Journey have been reprinted.

Slovenian authors whose books are translated into Italian will appear at the BOOM literary festival and at several libraries around the city – the selection of authors was influenced by a small number of translated titles and the wishes of the Italian target audience. We should mention the appearances of Jana Bauer, Jurij Devetak, Nataša Konc Lorenzutti, Marko Kravos, Ida Mlakar Črnič, Peter Svetina and Anja Štefan.

For the programme of events, visit the Slovenian Book Agency website

More about the Guest of Honour, authors, illustrators, events and Slovenian pavilion can be found at Slovenia, Guest of Honour at the 2024 Bologna Book Fair.