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Slovenia hands over the third ambulance to Ukraine

Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Ukraine Mateja Prevolšek handed over a modern C-type ambulance, equipped with an incubator for the transportation of new-born and premature babies, to Olena Yaroschuk, Acting Director of Maternity Hospital No. 5 in Kyiv, in the presence of Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Ihor Kopach.

Ambassador Mateja Prevolšek emphasized that "Slovenia will continue to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, as it has done since the first day of the war. Slovenia is constantly looking for new opportunities to provide support to Ukraine, not only in the field of medicine and rehabilitation of war victims, but also in the field of humanitarian demining, decentralization reform and strengthening of local communities; starting from already established projects and continuing with the development of new partnerships, including through the involvement of the private sector."

Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Ihor Kopach stated that "since February 2022, around 530 ambulances have been damaged, destroyed or captured in Ukraine. In order for medics to have the opportunity to continue working and saving lives, it is very important to constantly replenish the ambulance fleet. We are grateful to partners and friends from all over the world who support us. I am grateful to Slovenia, which helps with aid and also joint initiatives with the Foundation of the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska. This is extremely important for us and our children."

This is the third ambulance donated by Slovenia for the needs of the health system in Ukraine. At the end of 2022, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia Tanja Fajon handed over two new type B ambulances to the Ambassador of Ukraine to Slovenia Andrii Taran. The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs allocated 610,000 euros for the purchase of the ambulances.

Since the beginning of the war, the Government of Slovenia provided around 9 million euros in humanitarian aid to Ukraine directly and through international organizations. In addition to the state aid, Slovenian non-governmental organizations, companies, schools, municipalities, and private individuals collected sizable amounts of humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine.