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Third viaduct on the second track route finished

The construction of the Vinjan viaduct, which is the third and also the last viaduct on the route of the second railway track between Koper and Divača, has been completed. Prime Minister Robert Golob and Minister of Infrastructure Alenka Bratušek attended the ceremony. They both gave assurances that another track would be built next to the second track.
In the photo: the Prime Minister and the Minister of Infrastructure

The conclusion of construction of Vinjan viaduct | Author Ministry of Infrastructure

In her speech, Minister Bratušek said that the set construction schedule was tight. At the start of this term of office, the Ministry, together with all partners in the project, had reviewed the schedule and accelerated it, based on the commitment not to promise the impossible but to consistently demand full engagement of all that are in any way involved in the implementation of the project.

Today's event and the pace leading towards the ultimate goal prove that these were not empty words. The aim is to finish the construction by 2025, so that the first train can travel on the new track in 2026.

The Vinjan viaduct is the first railway viaduct in Slovenia to be built using the free cantilever construction technology. The same method was used to build the Črni Kal motorway viaduct. According to Minister Bratušek, this is particularly important for the revival and professional growth of the Slovenian construction sector, which knew how to build bridges with free cantilever technology in the past but, unfortunately, saw the loss of much of this knowledge when the big construction companies closed down around 2008.

Many other important milestones in the second track project will soon be reached: in the second quarter of the year (in May according to the plans), all the tunnels on the route will have been excavated. This means 37 kilometres of tunnels, which is more than the total length of all the tunnels constructed in the entire motorway network since Slovenia became independent. In four years, more tunnel will have been constructed than in the motorway network in 30 years.

Preparation works for Stage 3, which includes railway and tunnel systems, will soon commence. Part of these preparatory works will take place concurrently with construction works, which will save more time. Minister Bratušek concluded her speech by saying that we are looking forward to taking a train on this track in 2026 and admiring the beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea from the middle of the Vinjan viaduct.