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Dr Janez Potočnik: Without socially acceptable social conditions, the green transition will not happen

The guest of the 2nd episode of the GOVSI government podcast is Dr Janez Potočnik: during the preparations for Slovenia's accession to the EU, he was the head of the EU Accession Negotiating Group, then European Commissioner for two terms, and today he is a member and co-chair of the UN's International Panel on Resources. The discussion was moderated by Petra Bezjak Cirman, Director of the Government Communications Office.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Slovenia's accession to the European Union. In order to join, it was necessary to have a clear goal and to put a lot of effort into changing the legal, economic and other systems so that we as a country and a society were ready for EU membership. Why have we been so successful in the negotiation process? What is the EU's role in the world today? What is Slovenia's role in the EU? Are we coping well with the many global challenges, especially the transition to a more sustainable way of life? How can we make the so-called green transition fair for all? Dr Janez Potočnik has been shaping public policies in Slovenia for decades and, in recent years, especially internationally. He is a strategist with a vision and an extremely interesting interlocutor.

You are invited to watch the video podcast