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Official opening of the revamped railway hub and railway station in Pragersko

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held today in Pragersko to mark the official opening of the renovated railway hub and railway station. The event featured remarks by Mayor of Slovenska Bistrica Dr Ivan Žagar, Minister of Cohesion and Regional Development Dr Aleksander Jevšek, and State Secretary at the Ministry of Infrastructure mag. Andrej Rajh.
Udeleženci odprtja železniškega vozlišča in železniške postaje v Pragerskem, med njimi minister dr. Jevšek

Guests at the official opening of the renovated railway hub and railway station in Pragersko, including Minister Jevšek | Author Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development


''This modernisation project was carried out between May 2021 and mid-October 2023. As part of the project, the station building underwent renovation, the building housing the control room and the operations centre were renovated, and the water tower was reconstructed’’, said State Secretary Rajh. He also provided concrete figures, stating that in the context of the project:

  • 18 kilometres of tracks were upgraded,
  • signalling and telecommunications systems were upgraded,
  • over 18 kilometres of catenary system were upgraded,
  • nearly 6 kilometres of roads were reconstructed,
  • 2 kilometres of anti-noise barriers were erected,
  • 12 on-site facilities were torn down and removed.

According to Minister Jevšek, the project cost 113 million euros and received funding from the EU.  

‘’This reconstruction project is an example of smart investing. Supported by the EU and national public funds, it brings tangible benefits to the local community, the people, and the economy. Not only is the revamped railway station more attractive, but it is also safer and more easily accessible for all passengers. At the same time, it contributes to a more efficient international rail freight transport,'' stressed Minister Jevšek at the opening ceremony.  

He also underscored that the flagship goal of EU cohesion policy, the main investment policy of the EU with a considerable budget, is ‘’a better quality of life for all no matter which EU region or country they live in.’’  

Mayor of Slovenska Bistrica Žagar agreed that the renovated railway station was a major boost to the local environment. ‘’The modernised railway hub and station will play a vital role in the further growth and transformation of Pragersko. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this reconstruction project. My thanks also goes to the residents of Pragersko for their patience and understanding during the work.’’  

The Pragersko railway station provides both passenger and freight service and serves as a hub for both domestic and international trains. It is an integral part of the core TEN-T network as it lies on the junction of the Baltic-Adriatic corridor running from Graz, via Šentilj, Maribor, and Ljubljana to Koper/Trieste, and of the Mediterranean corridor along the route Venice-Trieste-Koper-Ljubljana-Pragersko-Hodoš-Budapest.