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Resolute condemnation of the message on the doors of the Jewish Cultural Centre and Synagogue in Ljubljana

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Slovenian delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance strongly condemn the hate message that appeared this morning on the door of the Jewish Cultural Centre and Synagogue in Ljubljana on Križevniška Street. It is unacceptable that individuals should attempt to violate the dignity of Jews or any other minority group.

"Hate symbols are not freedom of speech and do not strengthen democracy. On the contrary, hate speech is extremely damaging to human dignity. It is our duty to condemn hate speech in the strongest possible terms and to constantly fight against it," said Tanja Fajon, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, in her response.

In the same building on Križevniška Street in Ljubljana, the 9th House of Tolerance Festival is taking place this week, from 13 to 21 November 2023, featuring an international film programme, educational mornings, an exhibition, lectures, a book promotion, discussions, theatre performances, storytelling and a concert. All these free cultural events offer artistic experiences, insights and reflections on the need to build a tolerant society, and are an active and concrete contribution to building tolerance in Slovenia. The hateful message that appeared here during the traditional festival cannot and should not be a reflection of our society. Instead, it should be a great reminder of the need to work for a tolerant society in a liberal, committed and active manner.

In Slovenia, we must always be active in our efforts to create a society that is free of hate speech and acts directed against anyone.